(N = 1138)
% "tend to agree" among "knowledgeable and concerned respondents"1
(N = 564)
% "tend to agree" among respondents acquainted with an alcoholic2
(N = 278)
1. Alcoholism as illness:
a. Most alcoholics are physically addicted to alcohol. 75 77 78
b. Most alcoholics drink because they want to. 51 52 53
c. Medical tests for alcohol addiction are now widely available. 53 56 57
2. Stigma on alcoholism:
a. To be known as an alcoholic would destroy a man's reputation. 41 41 36
b. It's better for people with alcohol problems to be treated away from their own neighborhood to protect their privacy. 45 46 44
c. The news would probably get around if someone in my social position went to a regular alcohol program to get help. 50 50 54
d. They probably don't treat you with much respect in county and city alcohol programs. 38 35 40
3. Alcoholism serious and progressive:
a. If you don't get help when you have a drinking problem, it's likely to get worse and worse. 90 92 92
b. Lots of people get into trouble with their drinking at times without it really meaning anything serious. 51 53 51
4. Alcoholism's danger signs:
a. I know about the danger signs of alcoholism. 78 - 89
b. If I had alcoholism, I'd rather not know about it.  8 9 9
5. Effectiveness of treatment:
a. Most people who get treatment for alcohol problems do overcome those problems. 52 54 47
b. The treatment for alcoholism only works if the alcoholic wants it to work. 92 94 95
6. Alcoholics should get treatment:
a. If you're having trouble with drinking too much, it's probably better to get help than to try to wok it out yourself. 80 84 82
b. Just suppose that you began to thing you had a drinking problem.  How likely would you be to search out an alcoholism treatment program or group? ("definitely" or "probably" would). 78 80 74
c. I would only seek help for any drinking problem I might have if I'd really run out of other alternatives. 47 44 53
d. I would be ashamed to go to a public clinic for treatment of my illness -- except maybe in a real emergency. 25 24 33
1 Respondents who indicated both that "I know about the danger signs of alcoholism" (response: "tend to agree" and that they were "very" or "somewhat concerned about the alcoholism problem in their community. 
2 Respondents indicating that "My life has been deeply affected by someone else who is an alcoholic.