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What the press said:

Computer Monthly, October 1991: "Were IHA the product of ... Microsoft, ... 'revolutionary' and 'novel' would have become a regular part of the industry press cliches about it."

OS/2 & Windows Magazine, October 1991: "... I thought, 'This would be nice for my kids to learn math with. ... I certainly didn't expect to recreate some of my more extravagant Lotus, Wingz or Excel spreadsheets ..."

Spreadsheets come in two types, theirs and ours.

THEIRS: Every cell gets a name defined by a column letter and row number. A calculated cell is described by the algebraic formula you lodge in it. That formula may draw input values by using cell names. Ordinary algebraic conventions like the use of parentheses govern the sequence of a calculation. When not working on the formula, it disappears and is replaced by the resulting value.

OURS: No cell names. No formulas using cell names. How? Think about a hand calculator. You input a value, an operator, another value, etc. IHA's approach is similar. You place operators next to the values. Use the mouse or type them in. Accidentally naming the wrong cell in a calculation, a chronic problem for the conventional spreadsheet, disappears.

Both theirs and ours have honed strategies for replicating calculations, making use of complex functions, and generating graphs. IHA is innovative and practical. Its original look and feel removes the drudgery from specifying calculations and provides a visual perspective that prevents mistakes.

Above is a sample equation to calculate the total of expenses. The two blackened boxes show that the equation is to be used twice starting once at the location of the first black square and the second time starting at the location of the second black square. With IHA, making a spreadsheet feels like painting a picture or working at a blackboard. The numbers next to the operators show the order in which each is used. IHA tracks the order in which operators are used as you click them into the picture.

While all this may look like the first time you were exposed to arithmetic in elementary school, IHA is not a toy.

IHA can handle a variety of applications not traditionally associated with a spreadsheet. Here are a few features you may not have expected: Sorting. Calculations with dates and times. Logical comparisons for numeric and character data. Searching and replacing. Mortgage calculations and other built-in functions. Iterations and goal seeking. You can even make charts from the numbers in your spreadsheet.

How to get it:

You can download a ZIP file that installs IHA, the Touchpoint Viewer, 30 examples, and an electronic manual using the Viewer. It's all bound up in one 415K file. Simply run INST_IHA.EXE after unzipping the download. You're not only going to be impressed with IHA, but with the Viewer as well.

If you decide to become a licensed user, send a check for $9.95. To obtain the complete wire bound manual as well, send a check for $23.90. Shipping and tax (for California residents) is included. You'll find these terms and our address in the package downloaded. It's simple. It's easy. Give it a try!

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