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I have never made much of a distinction between work and pleasure, friends and clients, or whatever. Not surprisingly, this site is accessible to anyone wishing to visit it. Should a business acquaintance be interested in family trivia that's OK.. Family that want to try out products are similarly welcome.

You must try this though-- to learn about and get WildWords, a new Internet Game invented by yours truly.

Basically Business:

Resume - current as of 4/1/04

"My Secret Weapon" Development Environment is a system for developing attractive and interactive Windows 95 programs with a fraction of the effort typically required. It is also Internet enabled. Check it out!

I Hate Algebra is an easy to use spreadsheet for Windows. This was written back in 91 so don't expect support (but it's still a fun way to do math and tables).

Touchpoint is a stand-alone communications system you can run from the back of your computer--make presentations, exchange files and mail, solicit information, whatever. Your customers click on your icon and go directly to your computer. It is also available as a pure viewer and authoring tool without communications. Use it to prepare electronic magazines to transfer over the Internet or your Intranet or on disk. Page design is totally WYSIWYG and fun.


Basically Not Business:

Musical Blast From The Past

Chess Game From The Past